Children’s Home

nlvlaglogo cdeThe Children’s Home is situated on a mountainside just outside Caranavi. Construction began in 1992 and there are now six houses for the smaller children. Those houses contain all areas which are needed by a ‘big family’ such as: a dining room, kitchen facilities, bed rooms, laundries, etc. Furthermore, there are workshops, sports and playing fields, offices, staff accommodation, homework classrooms, library, and a medical room.The daily management of the children’s home is in the hands of the Bolivian couple Fidel and Charo.
totaal-4In each house may live twelve children and their caretakers. In every house we live as a family. In total, there are about sixty children in the children home and twenty five teenagers in their teenage home. The ages of the children range from newborns up to about eighteen. If the kids are six years old they go to school in the village. As Casa de Esperanza is located just outside the village at the slope of a mountain, all children need to drive every day with our cargo vans to and from school.

Breakfast and dinner are used in their own home, (in Spanish ‘casa’). Lunch is always used together in the multi-purpose room, the “sala”. In Bolivia lunch is the main meal of the day. Much time is spent eating together, talking, singing and reading the Bible.

In a separate building are classrooms where children can quietly do their homework. These areas are also used for smaller groups to give children extra attention. Some afternoons the five-year-olds “study” as well and are playfully prepared for school-life.

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