Sports Centre

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With the help of  the Evangelical broadcasting company EO we are building a sports center for the benefit of the youth in Carnavi.

Exactly on our jubilee day of 25 years of children’s home and 20 years of training school, the sports center was put into use on August 26th.
Thanks to a number of sponsors, including EO Metterdaad, we were able to realize this project.
All children were allowed to play on all courts. The photo collage below gives you a good impression.

The entire sports building has now been given to an administrator who will rent the facilities of the center. In this way the children’s home will get extra income, which is also needed.

We are grateful that after many years of preparation we are able to use this center and that it will meet its goal.

The goal of this project is threefold:

1. It offers a healthy alternative and safe place for children and young people from the village of Caranavi as a better alternative to all pubs, nightclubs and entertainment venues where alcohol, drugs and prostitution have a devastating impact on the lives of young people.
2. The profit produced by this project will benefit the orphanage and training school, so that they become less dependent on external donations.
3. It provides work and income in the short term and provides opportunities for work experience for the young people who leave the orphanage. The work includes the maintenance, cleaning and renting of the sports facilities (2 persons) and also the operation of a small restaurant (1 person). The building will have two floors and contains 2 squash courts (expandable to 4 lanes) and also rooms for group games, table tennis, football, etc. There will be a snack bar/restaurant as well. It is intended that the squash courts are rented. Revenues for management and maintenance and the profit is to the benefit of the orphanage.

A picture show of the construction: