Teenage Home

nlvlaglogo cdeSmall children grow up and just for that reason there are two more separate houses in the Caranavi village. These Teenage homes are designed for the older children. And there they take the next step toward adulthood. In one house live the teen boys with Rene and Caty, in the other house the girls under supervision of Janet.

THE TEEN BOYS                 &                     THE TEEN GIRLS
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It is important that teens learn to take more responsibility and to deal with it. So we give them more freedom in responsibility in their money and time. But of course, they must also learn just to perform certain household tasks and helping out at home. For example, to wash their own clothes by hand and learn to take good care of theirself. They learn to do things more independently and to better integrate into the local community of Caranavi.

Close to the teenage homes 4 rooms have been built that can be arranged as a workplace or a shop. This is for young people who want to start a company or business. We want to encourage and facilitate them to set this up and thus gain experience. All with the goal that if they are going to leave the children’s home, they can provide for themselves. We also see that some children from the orphanage later find a job at Casa de Esperanza. They know the work from the inside out!