Training School

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Bolivia is a country where the gospel is fast expanding. In the last decades many new churches have emerged. Especially in rural areas the churches grow like mushrooms. The churches grow rapidly in number (in width), but the mental growth (in depth) often remaines behind.


The younger generation often lacks spiritual depth. Therefore Biblefounded education and discipleship are indispensable for a healthy spiritual growth of the current generation of young people.

Vision & Mission:leslokaal
– More spiritual growth of young Christians in Latin America. We do this by equipping them and to guide them in their walk with God, so that they know Him better and learn to live as his disciples. 2 times a year we organize a discipleship course of almost three months basic training.
– The education and support of Christian leaders by giving them the word of God (the Bible). With this purpose we organize Bible study courses, seminars and workshops for leaders.