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Balk kinderen


Children Home

Teenage Home

Training school

We provide a HOME to abandoned and orphaned children and offer them the education which could not or would not be given by their own parents. Together with the employees we want to show them that God loves them too, by continuing to go along with them and offer our help! The goal is to help all these underprivileged children in the broadest sense to grow healthy and develop themselves, and that they will know Jesus Christ.
The Children’s Home is the place where the smaller children live. For older children, teenagers, there are two separate teenage houses. All these (orphaned) children live in Casa de Esperanza, because they have no parents or have no other relatives who care for them!
There is also a nursery only during day time for children of single parents who need to work (day care).

Aplogo cdeart from these activities, there is a youth training school for Christian young people who want to grow spiritually and to get to know God better.


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